IEEE International Workshop on Computer Aided Modeling and Design of Communication Links and Networks
2-3 November 2022 // Paris, France

Technical Sessions

General Track

Remote session (5 papers)

1570829009: Analysis of Power consumption in 4G VoLTE and 5G VoNR over IMS network. Caio Bruno Bezerra de Souza; Jussif Junior Abularach Arnez; Tarcisio Fernandes; Cassio Tavares Alves; Janislley Oliveira de Sousa.

1570829296: Hybrid SIC with Residual Error Factor in Wireless Powered Communications. Jhenifer de Oliveira Melo; Francisco Rafael Marques Lima.

1570838815: Resource Allocation in Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) for Space-Air-Ground Integrated Networks. Rakpong Kaewpuang; Minrui Xu; Dusit Niyato; Han Yu; Zehui Xiong.

1570840165: Exploiting Machine Learning for the Performance Analysis of a Mobile Hotspot with a Call Admission. C. Irene Lidia Keramidi; Dimitrios Uzunidis; Marinos Vlasakis; Panagiotis Sarigiannidis; Ioannis Moscholios.

1570840680: Resource Optimization of SFC Embedding for IoT Networks using Quantum Computing. Mahzabeen Emu; Salimur Choudhury; Kai Salomaa

Secure Wireless networks (5 papers)

1570826788: CyberDefense: Tool for Detecting Network Anomalies and Intrusions. Zhida Li; Ljiljana Trajković

1570828397: M-TADS: A Multi-Trust DoS Attack Detection System for MEC-enabled Industrial IoT. Eric Gyamfi; Anca Delia Jurcut

1570834076: Risk Estimation for a Secure & Usable User Authentication Mechanism for Mobile Passenger ID Devices. Maria Papaioannou; Georgios Mantas; Aliyah Essop; Victor Sucasas; Najwa Aaraj; Jonathan Rodriguez.

1570837055: Prototyping an Anomaly-Based Intrusion Detection System for Internet of Medical Things Networks. Georgios Zachos; Georgios Mantas; Ismael Essop; Kyriakos Porfyrakis; José Ribeiro; Jonathan Rodriguez

1570840194: Secure two-way communications between UAVs and control center in IoV 5G communication. Andreas Andreou; Constandinos X. Mavromoustakis; Jordi Mongay Batalla; Evangelos K. Markakis; George Mastorakis; Evangelos Pallis.

Resource management in next generation wireless networks (5 papers)

1570828286: Elastic Load Balancing in Software Defined Satellite Networks. Davide Adami; Stefano Giordano; Michele Pagano.

1570833554: Joint Content Placement and Secure Lightpath Provisioning in EONs Supporting Anycast Traffic. Giannis Savva; Konstantinos Manousakis; Vasilis Sourlas; Georgios Ellinas

1570840168: A Pragmatic and Realistic Approach for Providing Adapted Transport Services for all Applications. Djolo Cedric Tape; Samir Medjiah; Christophe Chassot.

1570840761: Performance study of High-Efficiency IEEE 802.11ax WLAN Standard using NS-3 simulator. Aparna Behara; Venkatesh Tiruchirai Gopalakrishnan

1570840547: A Behavioral Modeling-based Driver Authentication Approach for Smart Cars Self-Surveillance. Djamila Zamouche; Sofiane Aissani; Kahina Zizi; Lina Bourkeb; Khaled Hamouid; Mawloud Omar.

5G New Radio: design analysis, and optimization (5 papers)

1570829177: Uberization of NOMA Wireless Network Resource Sharing: A Driver-Passenger Game-Theoretic Approach. Yutong Song; Wei Wang; Kazem Sohraby.

1570840177: Interference Mitigation in Dynamic TDD MIMO Interference Channels. Amel Tibhirt; Dirk Slock; Yi Yuan-Wu.

1570845715: Performance Evaluation of Contention-based Channel Access for mmWave Sidelink Communications. Alessandro Brighenti; Matteo Drago; Tommaso Zugno; Michele Zorzi; Paolo Casari.

1570839227: Change your Car’s Filters: Efficient Concurrent and Multi-Stage Firewall for OBD-II Network Traffic. Felix Klement; Henrich C. Pöhls; Stefan Katzenbeisser.

1570828419: Device Onboarding in Eclipse Arrowhead Framework using Power of Attorney based authorization. Sreelakshmi Vattaparambil Sudarsan; Olov Schelén; Ulf Bodin; Nicklas Nystrom

AI/ML assisted network optimization (4 papers)

1570840489: User Mobility Dataset for 5G Networks based on GPS Geolocation. Siham Bouchelaghem; Hakim Boudjelaba; Mawloud Omar; Mourad Amad

1570839780: Achieving Low Probability of Interference in Spread Spectrum Cognitive Radio Networks. Edward Coyle; Kyle C Watters

1570839680: Generating Datasets Based on the HuMIdb Dataset for Risk-based User Authentication on Smartphones. Maria Papaioannou; Georgios Zachos; Georgios Mantas; Aliyah Essop; Abdulkareem Karasuwa; Jonathan Rodriguez

1570828116: Robust Network Intrusion Detection Systems for Outlier Detection. Rohan Desai; Venkatesh Tiruchirai Gopalakrishnan.